Sometimes we find ourselves with an empty bottle, a melted gallon of ice cream & our best friends under one blanket…
Other times, we find ourselves dancing in the middle of a crowd, having the time of our lives…
But no matter what, we are always successful, independent queens!
We are here for you through all of life’s crazy adventures.  


Hello basic bitches, since you’ve found your way to this site, I think it’s safe to assume we are a lot alike. My name is Ashtyn Mann, co-founder of Basic Bitch Wine Co. The funny thing is, I actually got my degree in Digital Journalism, so writing this type of thing is more down my alley of expertise than managing a wine company…but stranger things have happened in history, right? Anyway, I grew up in the beautiful city of Woodinville, Washington (also known as winery country but I never knew that until after I graduated high school). After high school, I attended Central Washington University where I was a member of the Wildcat volleyball team throughout my 4 years. Over the years, I have been called a basic bitch by many because I enjoy the more common things in life: pumpkin spice lattes, bath and body works candles, fall leaves crunching under my Uggs….etc. So, why not create a company that empowers to all of the Basic Bitches out there?! There are a couple things about me that might not be so basic, including the fact that I am 6’1″ and I have a weird obsession with zombies, but that’s beside the point. My goal in life is to empower the common woman and prove that any basic bitch has the power to change the world in some way, just by taking a chance and doing something she loves. I hope, actually I know you’ll enjoy this wine. Welcome to the Basic Bitch squad, you CAN sit with us.


Welcome to the home of all basic bitches! My name is Hannah Barclay, co-founder of Basic Bitch Wine Co. and let me tell you how happy I am that you’ve found us! I grew up in a small town outside of Vancouver, WA where my biggest exposure to wine was whatever $10 Merlot my dad would pick up from the store. When I started college in 2013 at Central Washington University, I had no clue the adventures that were in store for me. I sought out to get a degree in Elementary Education and along the way, found a passion for wine and embraced my inner basic bitch. And let me tell you, it is not hard to do. But being a basic bitch isn’t only about having a pug obsession or stalking ex-boyfriends on Instagram with your best friends. Basic bitches are also educated women who care about others, attempt to stay up to date on current events, feel strongly about protecting the wilderness, and are completely content spending an afternoon with their grandmas. What I hope you get from Basic Bitch is an experience where you feel empowered to be a woman, to embrace your similarities with others; yet also to celebrate your uniqueness… all while having a bit of fun and enjoying a glass or two of wine! 


The Basic Bitch Wine Company draws on Gary R. Cox’s experience as a Plant & Soil Scientist, obtaining his Bachelor of Science from Southern Illinois University in Plant & Soil Science, his Master of Science from Washington State University in Agronomy & Soils, is a Master Watershed Stewart dedicated to balancing water rights for both fisheries and agriculture, a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager minimizing the impact of chemical usage on the environment, an Instructor of Agroecosystems at Yakima Valley Community College for over seven years teaching Sustainability, Terroir, and Biodynamics, and an avid fly-fisherman on the quality waters of the nearby Yakima River. If wine can be profound, this is what makes it so; the simple, implausible fact that grape juice can be persuaded, by skill, devotion and impossible patience, to transform itself into something that engages every one of our senses, conjures up rich memories and associations, makes us childlike again in our sense of wonder, and enhances our dining, fellowship, entertaining, and intellect. I love how wine continues to evolve, how every time I open a bottle it’s going to taste different than if I had opened it on any other day. Because a bottle of wine is actually alive with Chi –it’s constantly changing, develops character, and gains complexity. If you just drink a glass of wine without thinking of all this, that will work just fine but there is a total experience, a continuum of dreams, senses, sex, passion, and discovery, that you can access anytime you’re willing to slow down and consider what’s in your glass. I urge you to try it. It’s in that place that you’ll completely get that if I have done my job well, you will realize the uniqueness of place that is ‘Terroir’.